Read what a man and paramour did to get rid of his wife

A man in a bid to get rid of his wife, whom he married long time back, conspired with his paramour and tried every trick to defame her. The two accused even created a fake facebook id of the wife and even posted some obscene materials on it. The fact came to light after the Women Power Line began investigation into the matter following complaint lodged by the woman in this regard.
Krishnanagar resident Sunil and his paramour were on Monday arrested by the police.
Sunil wanted to get separated from his wife so that he could marry his paramour and to ensure this, he along with his paramour hatched the conspiracy to defame his wife.
As per plan, Sunil’s paramour, with whom, he had relations before his marriage, began sending obscene messages on Sunil’s wife and her relatives mobile phone. When the messages frequency increased as per plan, Sunil began to accused his wife of illicit relations. Adding to this, he got a fake facebook id created for his wife and began to post obscene messages. He also uploaded his wife’s mobile phone number.
Sunil’s wife then approached WPL, which began investigation and found that the messages were being sent by Sunil and his paramour. The WPL then asked Krishna Nagar police to lodge an FIR and take action. On Monday, Krishnanagar police arrested Sunil and his paramour.
Strangely, the police didn’t book the two under any section of IT Act. The police said that there was no case of IT Act in the matter. WPL officials when contacted said that the WPL cannot or direct a police station to see which section should be used.

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