Read: What a widow did after dragging her 3 year old out of room?

A widow of Madiyaon area, Lucknow committed suicide on Saturday night after dragging her 3 year old son out of the room and hanging self inside the locked room. In Pritinagar Madiyaon, 26 year old Geeta/Swati Pal was living in Subhash’s rented accomodation with her son. As reported, Geeta and Gonda resident Shivram had a love marriage 3 years back, later the husband died and Geeta started working as a labour to earn her living. On Saturday night, she made her son exit from the room, bolted it from inside and hang self from the ceiling.
The land lord on seeing her son broke in with other people’s help only to find Geeta’s hanging body. Madiyaon police reached the spot and after investigation sent the body for post mortem. Her in-law’s have been informed about the incident and the boy has been handed over to the land lord. However, there is no information about her family that lives in Fatehpur district.

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