Read what chain-snatchers have to say about decrease in chain-snatching incidents

There is a huge slump in crimes like chain and purse snatching. And if you thought it is purely because of effective policing , then read this.
Three chain-snatchers who were nabbed by Krishnagar police said that this crime is not as profitable now as it used to be earlier and that strict police patrolling coupled with increasing number of women wearing artificial chain were the two main reason for it.
Three chain sntachers were identifed as Rajajipuram resident Pawan Kumar, Rajman Verma, a resident of Bazaarkhala police station area and his brother-in-law Rajesh Kumar Singh. The police also nabbed a jeweller Rajendra Prasad Sahu, who used to purchase chains from them.
According to SP (east) Shivram Yadav, one of the chain snatchers Rajman Verma is a history-sheeter of Bazaarkhala police station. Interestingly, the police also nabbed a jeweller Rajendra Kumar Sahu, who used to purchase gold items from the miscreant. The police have recovered 6 chain from the jeweller’s possession.
Interestingly, to avoid any conflict with the jewellers, the three led by its gang leader Pawan Kumar used to carry a weighing machine to get correct value of chain looted. However, they also admitted that there has been a huge slump in the crime, primarily because the women have begun wearing artificial jewellery as compared to the past. Of around 30 chain snatching they admitted, 7 to 8 chains they snatched are artifical.
Adding to it, strict police vigil has forced them to confine themselves to lanes and by-lanes rather than searching for vulnerable targets on main roads.
The crime is no more profitable, the miscreants told the police. A senior police officer posted in Lucknow told TosNews that otherwise also, weather is also taking its toll on these miscreants. Rainy and winter season automatically reduce the incident of chain-snatching, he said.

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