Read what did miscreant do after murder in Gomtinagar, Lucknow

Miscreant killed a man, who was a staff with a businessman and lived at his residence at Vishwas Khand, Gomtinagar, and fled with a slipper from the pair of the man killed and another from the pair of slippers of the driver, who also was living there on Sunday. Not only did the miscreant fled the spot wearing a slipper each from different pairs, the fact that the four-wheeler of the businessman and the driver both are missing.
The police suspect the role of the driver Shahnawaz Hussain behind the murder.
The deceased was identified as Satyendra Misra. The businessman Dilip Yadav was in Bangalore at the time of the incident.
The murder actually came to light when Satyendra failed to pick up the repeated calls of Dilip. Getting suspicious, Dilip asked his friend to enquire why Satyendra was not picking up the call. Satyendra was very loyal to Dilip and was with him for many years.
When Dilip’s friend reached the house, he found the doors open and Satyendra’s body lying in a pool of blood. He immediately informed the police control room and Dilip about the incident.
The police rushed to the spot and began investigation into the incident. Since the driver was also living with Satyendra, he was was found missing. Dilip told the police that he had two four-wheelers. Interestingly, while the one was parked inside the portico, the other was missing.
The police suspect the murder to be handiwork of the driver, who might have fled with the four-wheeler.
Dilip has a huge property in Gorakhpur but has some family dispute. A burglary at Dilip’s house was also reported last month. Satyendra had been touch with the IO of the burglary had probably asked him to get the call details of Dilip’s brother out. Satyendra had overheard Shahnawaz talking to Dilip’s brother on phone.
Shahnawaz had come to know about it. Fearing that once Dilip’s brother call detail would be out, everyone would begun mistrusting him, Shahnawaz might have thus killed Satyendra because of this. While running in haste after committing the crime, he might have hurriedly wore a slipper of Satyendra and another of self.
The police have launched a manhunt to trace the driver.

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