Read what did Rahul say day after ‘khat’ fiasco in Deoria

A day after Congress was caught in ‘cot’ controversy as villagers ran away with Congress sponsored 2000 cots in Deoria, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi said: “If Kisan takes a khat he’ s called ‘chor’, but people like Mallaya who flee with crores are called defaulters.”
On Tuesday people who attended Rahul’s ‘khat sabha’ in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, later ran away with two thousands that were used in the meeting.
Rahul’s response comes a day after the Congress’ bid to make big out of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Khat Sabhas’ as part of outreach to farmers months before Uttar Pradesh assembly polls was mired by ‘khat’ controversy.
Rahul began 2500 km-long ‘Kisan Mahayatra’ from Deoria in eastern Uttar Pradesh and held the first ‘Khat Sabha’ (cot meeting) where he interacted with the locals.
Moments after he left it was free for all with men, women and children lifting the cots and rushing towards their homes.
There were minor altercations as policemen were seen walking leisurely, stopping none from carrying away the cots.

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