Read: What happened to shop owner who hired labour randomly

A labour fled away taking medicines of Rs 2 lacs from a shop of New Medicine Market Aminabad, Lucknow. The shop owner had hired the labour on daily wages on Sunday only, to work in his shop. Aminabad Inspector, Jaikaran Patel told the media persons that the shop belonged to Farhat Nawaz Khan and his younger brother had hired Rajkumar who worked on the shop for 2 days and took his wages also. On 3rd day he helped in material loading and unloading and in the evening he disappeared with 5 cartons of medicines. When he didn’t return for a long time then the shop owner started his search and came to know about the value of missing medicines. On Wednesday complaint was registered against Rajkumar at Aminabad police station. However, Farhat has no information of Rajkumar’s address and where he belonged to.

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