Read what happened when a BJP leader insisted police should use water cannon at women wing protest

Everything is fair in politics these days. And same is the case with politicians going to any extent to take mileage. But certainly not if some responsible person exposes the leader’s plan. This is exactly what happened in Lucknow on Thursday during UP BJP women wing protest. The women members of the UP BJP began their foot march from Pariwartan Chowk and had planned to end at Hazratganj Crossing.
However, heavy police force led by SSP Manzil Saini made every attempts to thwart their attempt and put up barrier near DM’s residence leading to women wing members jostling with the cops to go ahead. Even when the drama was on, a senior BJP holding a key post in UP BJP requested the police force to use water cannon. The purpose obviously was simply to give the demonstration the much needed push and BJP leaders enough fodder to hit out at Samajwadi Party government in the state for high handedness.
However, the request by the BJP leader was not heard by other leaders probably, who on seeing water cannon moving towards them threatened to intensify their agitation if water cannon was used.
A senior police official who was not ready to take the threat on herself spilled the bean saying: “Arre…aaphi ke neta kah rahe thay water cannon use karo aur ab aap loge mana kar rahe hain…”
The revelation came as embarrassment for the leaders who protested against the use. No wonder, they left the scene without further raising their tempers.

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