Read: What is so weird about this suicide?

In a weird incident of suicide a private company employee hang self while talking on phone and with earphone on his ears. Hassanganj SO Suresh Yadav informed that 30 year old Imran of Ghazipur, was living in a rented room in Suhail’s house at Daliganj, Purana Basmandi area of Lucknow. He was last seen on Saturday evening by the people, on Sunday morning when his door didn’t open the landlord grew suspicious and peeped inside Imran’s room through the window only to find his body hanging from fan with a cable wire. Hassanganj police reached the spot and broke in. Earphone was found on Imran’s ears and that raises the doubt of suicide while talking to someone on phone. The body has been sent for post-mortem. The police is still trying to figure out the person to whom Imran had made his last call. However, it was discovered during investigation that Imran was married and had a daughter though reason behind suicide could not be traced yet.

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