Read: What she does with home sparrows and what gift she gets one day!

“What ever happens… happens for a reason.” Sometimes a void may gift you memorable things in life. For me… this came in form of birds. Now every morning flocks of birds visit my home regularly be it crows, pigeons, home sparrows, bulbul, seven sisters,black pie, squirrels, mongoose, parrots and many more. So far,I have witnessed 23 varieties of birds coming and having food at our home. prabha
Every morning, I feed them bajra(pearl millet), besan laddoo (three for whole day ), bhujia mixed with Parle-G biscuits, obviously not forgetting the homemade food and some fresh water. In morning they love to eat chapati soaked in milk and usually their afternoon meal is dal chawal which appears to be their favourite because as soon as it I put it under the tree, they start gobbling it.
During summers the scene becomes more beautiful as their numbers increase and they visit home with their tiny tots who just sit around the food with wide open beaks demanding for food to be put inside by their winged parents.
But for me the most important thing is that they visit my home not for food but for love and I can feel it. Not all the time they keep feeding when they are around, after they are full they wouldn’t flutter away but sit and chirp or the tree, few of them enjoy naps as one doesn’t know how far they have travelled to visit us!
Before leaving for their unknown destinations at 6 in the evening everyday I say would say ‘bye Chiddu’ to my winged friends and a promise is made to meet in the morning again.
There are many lovely memories related with these aves but a close to heart moment I would like to share with all today-

Have you ever heard a sparrow sing? I have, so clearly that I know the notes-
Its like la laa la laa…
Ya its like la laa la laa…
One more time la laa la laa…
Sitting on a tree in my garden once the little birds started singing, my sister and I were on terrace looking at them when they suddently started their composition. Earlier we thought sparrows cannot sing so it was a speechless moment, we forgot to blink, “Oh my! are they singing? yeah they are actually singing!”
Around 150 home sparrows making their perch on that one tree were singing in a chorus, it was like an orchestra facing us, looking at us with open beaks and singing continuously for around 8-10 minutes! In that duration none of the birds left the tree, fluttered,slept or stopped singing; it was a perfect stage performance which took us to some other world! The music was melodious, pure and completely out of the world which we wanted to last forever! The time for me had stopped, it was only me and the mesmerising song! They finished their tune in unison and together fluttered away as if taking a bow.
Sooner I realized I had received an exclusive gift from my little friends and till today I wonder how they came to know that it was my BIRTHDAY!


Prabha Dayal


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