Read what they were wearing when they strike at Mahanagar residence

Their dressing style might confuse them as members of criminal tribe. As they wore only vest and underwear (kacchha-baniyaan) when on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday, they struck at Mahanagar residence of deputy commissioner Sales Tax Captain Narendra Joshi. They fled with cash and valuables worth Rs 3 lakh. Were they from the criminal tribe or not would be part of police investigation, the fact that their acts were capture in CCTV footage could be one help that might help police zero in on them.
In the footage, the number of miscreants spotted were around 3. All three were around 6-feet tall.
The footage is of around 3.10 am. However, by 4.40 am, they probably got the sense that their act was being captured in the CCTV and they snapped the lines of CCTV footage, which has been taken into custody by the police.
Miscreants stormed the house of deputy commissioner of income tax department and robbed jewellery worth Rs 2.5 lakh and cash worth Rs 20,000. The theft took place at Mahanagar sector-B one of the posh colonies of Lucknow. At the time of robbery the commissioner’s family was not at home and only the servants were present. The servant’s family were sleeping in the servant quarters when the servant’s wife shouted for help but the miscreants till then escaped from the window.
According to the reports deputy commissioner in Sales Tax department Narendra Joshi lives in B-934 along with his family. On 31st August his wife and daughter left for Mumbai and he also left to Delhi for some work. According to the reports the miscreants barged inside the house by scaling the wall. The crooks went directly to the bedroom and broke the locks of cupboards. Then they collected the jewelleries worth Rs. 2.5 lakh and cash worth Rs 20,000. It was 5 a.m. when the maid heard some wrangling sounds and got up to see that the bedroom lights are turned on. She screamed for help, but the crooks fled away making way through the cut grills. Dog Squad and fingerprint unit also reached the crime scene immediately. After the investigation the police has filed a report of theft.

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