Read what was the motive behind Sheela Dey’s murder & who is fake scribe involved

Lucknow police have arrested two people in connection with the murder of Telco worker Dileep Dey’s wife Sheela Dey, resident of Indira Nagar’s Lohia Vihar colony.

The suspects told the police that motive behind the killing was loot. The police have also recovered the jewellery, tablet, motorcycle, blood-stained clothes and the weapons used for the murder during the raid.

Senior Superintendent of Police Manzil Saini said that the cellphone of the victim helped them in tracking down the assailants. According to the call detail record, Dey’s mobile phone remained active till 2 pm on the day of murder.

The call details showed that the two men, Aditya Kashyap and Gopidas, residents of Ghazipur’s Patel Nagar and Takrohi, frequently communicated with the wife of the Telco employee.
The police tracked down the suspects through their mobiles. Later, on being interrogated, they both confessed of killing Sheela and attacking her daughter Shruti, with an intention to kill her.

On the afternoon of 29 July, both the assailants entered Sheela’s house and attacked her with a sharp edged weapon and slit her throat and then they brutally attacked her 12 year old daughter, who is recovering at a government hospital.

To their surprise, there was some artificial jewellery and few hundred rupees at the time of burglary. They had hoped for big bucks at Dey’s house. In his confession, prime accused Aditya blamed his wife for instigating him into getting into all this. In order to fulfill all his wife’s desires to lead a luxurious life, Aditya said that he committed this heinous crime.

Police have also recovered a fake Press ID card from Aditya.

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