Read: When show off fires the gun!

Panic gripped after accidental firing from a revolver in the LIC Divisional office at Mayfair Trisection, Hazratganj on Thursday. The revolver belongs to H.D Verma, deputy manager in micro finance department of the LIC Divisional office, who has the license for the arm. The accident happened when Verma was showing the revolver to A.K Srivastava, Administrative Officer of Sales division of the same office and tried to check the lock while discussion. The bullet hit the table after touching the file and the sound caused confusion and people started rushing towards the basement. On information Hazratganj Police reached the spot and found it an accident after thorough investigation. Police asked H.D.Verma to accompany for further interrogation finally seizing his revolver. The police will send a report to administration for the cancellation of armed licence of H.D.Verma.