Read: Where was naked body of an old man found and who ate biryani

In a sensational incident, naked body of a 55-year-old man was found lying at his home with hands tied to a rope in Saadatganj police station area on Wednesday. The man identified as Badriprasad used to live alone at his house. The old man prima facie had been strangulated, the police suspect.
Badriprasad, a resident of Hasanganj Bawli locality had three sisters, who were married and lived separately. Badriprasad’s house had a ration shop on rent, where he used to sit most of the time. According to reports, on Wednesday morning, SPO Rajesh Kumar saw the doors of Badriprasad’s house ajar. Since neighbours in the locality were aware of the fact that Badriprasad used to wake up late in the morning, residents got suspicious and entered inside the house to find Badriprasad’s naked body on a bed.
The belongings of the Badriprasad were scattered here and there probably to present the murder as the case of loot and murder. However, the police that rushed to the spot found that all his belongings were kept intact.
Some empty liquour bottles and a plate of Biryani was found from the house. Interestingly, Badriprasad had earlier in the evening bought roti and vegetable through the ration shop labourer. The police are investigating as to how Biryani was found in the house. The police suspect the role of some insider the murder and the biryani was probably brought by the miscreant.
Though the motive behind Badriprasad’s murder is still not known, the police are probing into the role of insider and are keeping a close watch on the near and dear ones of Badriprasad.

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