Read: Who made him hang self?

Alcohol takes another toll at Madiyaon locality of Lucknow on Saturday when labour Soonday aged 40 yrs of Simra village, Madiyaon hang self in his own house. Soonday, as reported was a drunkard and frequently quarrelled with his family. As per his daily routine on Friday night he reached home drunk and had heated discussions with his wife. The children supported their mother which made him even more furious leading to intense fight in the family. It was when neighbours came out in support of the woman that Soonday locked himself in a room and with a dupatta hang self to the highest grill of the window. After sometime his wife and children peeped through the window only to find his body was hanging from the window. Hearing the shrieks of the family, the neighbours broke in and then they informed the matter to the police. The police after investigation sent the body for post mortem.

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