Read: Who rescues and gives a home to man-eater declared tiger?

After government orders passed to shoot the man-eater declared tiger , the Lucknow zoo rescue team caught it live and brought it to the zoo. Since August 15 the big cat, believed to have come from Mailani range under South Kheri forest division was on prowl and had killed more than half dozen of people, which forced the government to give killing orders of the tiger. This rescue team of Lucknow zoo, which until now has rescued more than 150 animals, taking the responsibility of any causality caught it alive in unconscious state.
On Wednesday night 2’o a.m, the operation was started and continued till 4 in the morning, due to rains it was not possible to take the vehicles inside the jungle therefore the whole operation was carried out with the help of elephants. Everyone is happy to have saved a wild life and that the tiger has got a home now. The big cat, according to Zoo authorities, has bruises in eyes and teeth which had made hunting difficult for it and had turned it into a man-eater. For now, the saved tiger is under treatment and only after it becomes completely healthy it will be brought for public viewing.

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