Read why a 28 year old man in Lucknow’s Wazirganj sets himself on fire

 A 28 year old young man tried to kill himself after dousing himself with kerosene oil and setting himself on fire in Lucknow’s Wazirganj area on Monday. Police officials say that the reason which led the man take such an extreme step was an argument with his wife over some trivial issue.
According to officials at the Wazirganj police station, Amit Mishra, who lives with his wife in a hut near Upcharika Bhavan, doused himself with kerosene oil and set himself on fire late Monday and is currently undergoing treatment at the Balrampur hospital.
On the day of the incident, Amit had an argument with his his wife over some trivial issue and after that dropped her to her parents’ house in the city’s Qaiserbagh area. He returned home immediately and was so disappointed over his fight with his wife that he decided to end his life.
He doused himself with the kerosene oil and set himself on fire late Monday night. On hearing Amit’s loud screams while he was on fire, his neighbours rushed to his house and tried to rescue him. The fire was somehow extinguished but Amit had sustained serious burn injuries, they said.
The neighbours immediately informed the local police about the suicide attempt of the 28 year old man in Wazirganj. The police took no time to arrive at the spot and immediately sent Amit, who was in badly burnt state, but was till breathing, for treatment to Balrampur hospital.

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