Read why a class eight girl of a convent school fell unconscious in school premises

A class eight girl of a renowned convent school located in Lucknow’s Vikas Nagar area fell unconscious on Wednesday after she accidentally consumed phenyl which was mixed in her water bottle while she was at the school. The girl was being constantly harassed through anonymous letters and objectionable material being put in her school bag from the past one month.

In the incident on Wednesday, the girl went to school and after attending the morning assembly reached out for the bottle in her bag to drink water. After drinking the liquid, which was mixed with phenyl, she fell unconscious. The girl student’s sudden fainting created a chaos in the school and she was rushed to a nearby hospital and later referred to the trauma centre.

A FIR has been lodged in the Vikas Nagar police station against unknown persons for mixing the phenyl in the girl’s water bottle.

The 13 year old daughter of an Aliganj-based businessman is a student in class eighth of the prestigious convent school. The girl’s uncle in his complaint to the police said that she had found some inappropriate letters in her school bag some weeks ago.

The girl informed her parents about the letters, who approached the school administration. The school administration assured the girl’s parents that they will investigate the matter and on finding out the culprit take strict action against him or her. However, the activity did not stop.

When the incident happened again, school administration checked the CCTV footage but nothing suspicious was found. The girl’s parents claim that the school’s administration kept delaying the issue.

Her uncle said that the girl following her normal routine went to the school on Wednesday. She put her bag along with her mates at the submission point. After the assembly, she picked her bottle to drink water and fainted. It created a chaos in the school. The school authorities immediately informed the girl’s parents about her falling unconscious.

Some family members arrived on time and took her to a nearby clinic for first aid from where she was referred to the trauma centre. A doctor took her into immediate treatment and the girl’s condition is said to be stable now.

A family member has accused that the phenyl was intentionally mixed into the bottle. The incident was reported to the Vikasnagar police station and a FIR has been lodged against unknown persons.

SO Vikas Nagar said that he has sent the bottle for the forensics test and doubts that Dettol was mixed in it. The victim’s family also blamed the negligence on part of the school administration for the incident. Police is investigating the case.

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