Read why a young woman was sexually exploited in Hussainganj area

A young woman, who is a resident of Lucknow’s Hussaingunj area, has lodged a police complaint against her lover for raping her and sexually exploiting her under the pretext of marriage.

The girl says that the man, who is already married, engaged into a physical relationship with her after promising that he will marry her. Things went normal for a while. Sometime later, the man’s repeated refusals for marriage grew suspicion in the young woman’s mind.

She investigated and found out that the man was already married. Feeling lied and cheated, the girl lodged a complaint at the Hussaingunj police station against the man for raping her and sexually exploiting her for a long time.

According to the complaint received by the police, the girl, a resident of Sarojninagar road in Hussaingunj area, met the man, who lives in the Purana Qila area, few years ago. They both started meeting each other and fell in love with each other.

After taking the girl into full confidence, the man assured her that he will marry her and started sexually exploiting her. The girl said that whenever she used to ask the man about their marriage, he gave her excuses like that he needs to become economically strong first.

These excuses and repeated refusals grew suspicion in the girl’s mind and on investigating she found out that her lover was already married. After finding out the truth, the girl felt cheated and lodged a FIR against the man on Tuesday at the local police station.

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