Read why an ex-Army man shot dead his son

In a very sad and shocking incident on Friday, a retired Army man shot dead his own son in Uttar Pradesh’s Mau district when he found him returning home late in a heavily inebriated state.
The ex-soldier in Mau used his licensed gun to fire at his son, whose wife had earlier on Friday given birth to a baby girl at a local hospital. Later the man tried to shoot himself down and was rescued by two women of his family who snatched the gun away from him.
During the scuffle, a bullet was fired and the women were injured by the pellets inside it. According to the information provided by officials of the district’s police, resident of Ranipur’s Kajha area Prem Dubey, who had retired from the Indian Army, shot at his son Manish on Friday night. Earlier on the day, Manish’s wife Julie had given birth to a baby girl at a hospital close to his house.
The deceased man returned home late on Friday in a heavily inebriated state and when his father raised objections over his irresponsible behaviour he had an argument with him. The argument between the son and the father turned ugly and the ex-soldier brought his licensed gun and fired a shot at Manish, wounding him badly.
On seeing his son falling down of the floor after being shot, Dubey pointed the gun at himself and tried to kill himself but was rescued by two women of his family named Anupama and Chanda. The women rushed to him and snatched the gun away from him.
Meanwhile, a shot was fired and they both sustained injuries from the pellets inside the bullet. The neighbours of the former Army man on hearing the sound of gunshots being fired inside his house rushed to the spot to help.
All the injured were immediately taken to nearby Varanasi district for treatment. Manish succumbed to his injuries and died on his way to Varanasi. His killer father later surrendered at a police station in Mau and gave the details about the tragic incident which destroyed their family in one single night, officials said.

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