Read why man killed his nine-year-old nephew

Police have found some major clues which can help it in solving the murder mystery of the 9 year-old son of Ved Prakash, a resident of city’s Krishnanagar area who is a carpenter by profession. Police have taken the slain boy’s maternal uncle into custody in connection with the murder.
The suspected uncle has confessed of killing his nephew. He has also claimed that the boy’s paternal uncle, who is still absconding, was also involved in the gruesome killing. Due to the heinous nature of the crime, police is refraining from releasing any official statement on the case.
Officials claimed that they had strong suspicions over the involvement of a close family member in the killing of 9 year old Vipin. Working on these lines, the investigation team came to know about Vipin’s uncle Raju Kalia, a resident of Hardoi.
On tracing down the location of the suspect’s mobile phone number on the day the murder was carried out, police came to know that Raju was present at Vipin’s house as well as at the site of murder.
Police arrested Raju on Monday. He has accepted his involvement in the murder along with Vipin’s paternal uncle.
Police officials say that it suspects that Raju might be trying to frame Vipin’s uncle in this case due to some personal rivalry. However, no concrete evidence has yet been found to corroborate Raju’s claims, they added.
The arrested man has claimed that Ved Prakash’s illicit relationship with his first and second wife was the reason why he killed the latter’s eldest son Vipin. Police are looking into the minute details of Raju’s allegations against Ved Prakash and have refrained from making any official statement yet.

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