Renowned Indian ghost buster Gaurav Tiwari found dead under mysterious circumstances

Renowned Indian Ghost buster Gaurav Tiwari has been found dead under mysterious circumstances in his Dwarka home, New Delhi on Thursday July 7. He was the CEO and founder of Indian Paranormal Society.

According to the family they heard a loud thud from the bathroom. When they rushed in to check on Gaurav, he was lying unconscious on the floor. He was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved. Early reports indicate that it was case of asphyxia, a condition where body doesn’t get enough oxygen. They also find a thin black line around his neck.

Gaurav featured in many reality shows. You must have seen him in MTV Girls Night Out and Bhoot Aaya. He was recently seen as a paranormal expert in Zee Fear files.

He initially was trained to be a commercial pilot but later paranormal world and the unanswered questions behind them fascinated him. He moved on to do a Ph.D in Metaphysics. According to TOI he confessed that some negative energy was pulling him back from the last few days. He tried to control it but was incapable in doing so.

The police has not told the main reason behind his death and is yet waiting for the postmortem report.

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