Retd professor, wife shot dead by miscreants in Jaunpur

A retired professor and his wife were shot dead in the wee hours of Monday in Jaunpur district. The elderly couple was fast asleep in the courtyard at the entrance of the house when six miscreants on three motorcycles reached retd Prof Hridya Narain’s house and shot him and his wife dead.
At the time of incident, elderly couple’s daughter & their son-in- law were present. They tried to scream for help but were shut up on gunpoint by the miscreants.
According to Jaunpur police, the 69-year-old retired professor resides with his family at Malsil village. He was fast asleep with his wife, Kanti, son-in- law Satendra, daughter Kavita and their kids at the courtyard of his house.
Around 3 am, 6 miscreants on 3 bikes reached his house and shot dead Narayan and his wife and fled after opening fire in air to threaten the elderly couple’s relatives.
Satendra and Kavita shouted for help after miscreants fled. Nearby villagers rushed to the spot and informed the police. Police reached the spot and sent the bodies for the post-mortem after preliminary investigation.
Police assume the murder out of some property dispute.

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