Road to health: Remove TV from child’s daily routine

What is good health? What is the best for my child? My child is not growing well! My child looks very thin! My child isn’t fat enough!
These are the list of innumerable questions which parents have for their children. The answer is growth charts which are available for each age-group. They are normograms which are collected from years of research and weight and height could be plotted against their age and regularly monitored.
If height and weight fall in the part of Road to health, the child is growing well. Standard growth charts (IAP,CDC) are availbile online till 18 yrs of age.


Overweight and obesity has also become an global epidemic in children and adolescents. The parents wanting their child look chubby and plump and the cult of junk foods, indoor activities, lack of outdoor sports, consumption of fizz drinks containing tons of sugar and caffein can all contribute to obesity.
The habits formed in childhood affects the health profile in adulthood. Exposure to behavioral risk factors like inadequate physical activity, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, smoking (in adolescents) and obesity often persists into adulthood and is associated with accelerated development of cardiovascular disease in adulthood.
Hence the presence of such potentially modifiable risk factors during adolescence are a precursor of poor cardiovascular risk profiles in adulthood.

Recommendations for physical activity according to CDC guidelines.

Children and youth aged 5–17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of physical activity. Most of the daily physical activity should be aerobic — Vigorous.

* For this age group, bone-loading activities can be performed as part of playing games, running, turning or jumping.

Television and Video Viewing Time Among Children

Excessive exposure of children to television and videos (viewing time) is associated with impaired childhood development and childhood obesity. In 2001, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended that children watch no more than 1 to 2 hours of “quality programming” per day, and that televisions be removed from children’s bedrooms.
Healthy habits, healthy diet, good food habits and regular exercise all these are essential for children and we as parents must ensure that their wards are inculcating good food habit which will prevent diseases in adulthood and hence pave a way for ROAD TO HELATH.

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