Robbers unstoppable- after years ‘road hold up’ also takes place

The loot incidents in the state capital are unstoppable with one after the other big robberies taking place, especially in Kakori and Malihabad areas. In the series, a ‘road holdup’ incident, which had not occured in past so many years also happened on Tuesday night in Malihabad area. The robbers fled away with an apple truck making all law and order arrangements futile once again.

CO Malihabad IPS Rohit Sahajwan told media persons that the driver Mohd. Omar from Rajasthan, was taking the apple loaded truck from Jammu & Kashmir to Bihar. The cleaner was also present with Omar. On Tuesday night while going towards Hardoi from Lucknow, at Rahimabad Police Chowki in Malihabad suddenly 2 of its tyres got punctured and so both the driver and cleaner started changing the tyres on roadside.

As reported, the 2 robbers reached the spot and offered help to Omar and the cleaner. All 4 of them together changed the tyres and removed the jack , while 4-5 other miscreants also reached there. They cajoled the driver and the cleaner to a nearby isolated place, tying their hands and legs and making them hostage.
The robbers fled away with the apple loaded truck after that. By early morning the hostages somehow manged to set themselves free and informed the police. The Malihabad police reached the spot and investigated the matter with the driver and cleaner. The sources however claim that initially the police tried to get away with the .’road hold up incident’ but when enquired by their higher officials they got the loot report registered.
CO Malihabad said that the police is assuming that the robbers first nailed the road, puncturing the truck and then executed their plan. However, the driver and the cleaner have not been able to give details of robbers’ appearance.
The police team investigating the matter believes that there are no miscreants in the state capital who can execute ‘road hold up’ so there is a big chance of robbers belonging to some other districts. Most of the ‘road hold ups’ take place in western U.P, so the team believes that this incident also has been given shape by the miscreants form one of the western belt districts.

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