Safai karmchari shoots video of girl taking bath at RML Hospital bathroom

Women beware! Next time if you use a toilet or a bathroom at a government hospital just double check for any suspicious object, gadget or a mobile. A safai karmchari working at Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital in Vibhuti Khand was nabbed and beaten up before being handed over to the police after he was found making video of a patient attendant while she was taking bath at the hospital bathroom.  A complaint by the girl was filed at Women Powerline 1090. Since the matter was a serious one, Vibhuti Khand police was directed to investigate into the complaint. The police said that the girl had come to RML Hospital for the treatment of her uncle, who was admitted at the ICU of the hospital. On Sunday, the girl had gone to Gastro Surgery department’s bathroom to take bath. A safai karmchari was working outside the bathroom. The girl asked the safai karmchari to open the bathroom locks. After that she went inside the bathroom to take bath. While she was taking bath, she saw a mobile kept inside the bathroom.  She took up the mobile and to her dismay she saw the mobile in video recording mode. Enraged over her bath taking shots being captured in the mobile, the girl shouted for help. Out of fear of being exposed, the safai karmchari came running, snatched the mobile and tried to fled. In the meantime, other staff of the hospital and a few nurses came running towards the bathroom and caught hold of the safai karmchari and beat him up.  The girl the narrated the whole incident listening to which, the hospital staff immediately deleted the obscene video from the safai karmchari’s mobile. However, taking benefit of the crowd that had gathered near the bathroom, the safai karmchari fled the spot. The girl then lodged a complaint with WPL 1090.  Circle officer WPL Babita Singh told TosNews that the complaint in this regard was lodged by the girl and since the matter was serious, Vibhuti Khand police was asked to investigate the matter.

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