Senior BJP leader pens down dilemma when his family doesn’t get confirmed train tickets

While leading public life and coordinating with family life simultaneously, I have witnessed awesome and gruesome both kind of situations. Often this balancing act between the both becomes difficult; both are equally dear to me and indispensable too, there is no scale to compare them. At times, public life needs more attention while at other times family life becomes significant. Problem arises only when both require my time simultaneously.

Though I am leading public life for the last 30 years, out of which I got the opportunity to devote 14 years completely to it. Spending life as a full time worker, staying at the office, experience of every festival in the office. There were times when I was alone in the whole office, due to situations I was not able to enjoy the festive occasion. Inside the boundary I was doing my duty when I could view the outside scene was of celebration.

However, equilibrium and coordination are created and learnt with circumstances and so happened with me. My daily routine was set: getting up early in the morning, winding up my morning rituals and getting engrossed in work and obviously when I tried to carry on the same schedule with my life partner, it became difficult. At one place the work was important while this coordination was also significant. As per compromising tendency of mankind we also adopted the same path. With little irritation and some intolerance as the balance was reached, the family also extended. In natural course I wished to spend time with them, whereas I also had the responsibility to complete my work timely. Effort of coordination still continued.

As the expectations of family members increased, expectations of presence with whole family also rose higher whether at family functions or at friends’ place. I was accustomed to visiting functions continuously one after the other. Now many a times several functions remained unattended when I started going home midway to bring along family members.

Of course there are happy experiences also. Family members wouldn’t have enjoyed several things in normal life but all that was accessible due to my public life. Cherishing happy moments and enjoying the balance I am also leading public and family life. General problems of a common man are faced by us also. For instance take train reservation. Many times just an hour before I have to inform at home about some out of city visit, whereas we get reserved train tickets for the journey whereas when the family has to go somewhere we don’t get reservations. And then naturally I have to face the sarcasm!

Vijay Bahadur Pathak

(He is a senior BJP leader and presently the UP BJP spokesman)

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