Six minors detained in Moradabad as cricket ball hits IPS officer

This would probably fit best in the examples used to define feudalism. And when it comes to UP, the surprise element is sure to subside as the belief common here is: “anything is possible in UP”.
On Friday, Moradabad police detained six minors for over six hours after the ball, with which they were playing, hit a senior IPS officer at Moradabad police training college.
The police however, was forced to release the children after their parents as no crime against them could be established for all of them were juvenile.
The incident took place on Friday when a group of children was playing cricket in police training school ground. While playing one of the children hit the ball that then hit an Inspector General of Police BR Meena.
Enraged with this, the senior IPS officer directed the local police to detain the minors, who were then taken to local police station and kept there for around six hours.
However, the police were forced to release the children after their parents intervened. Interestingly, the IG had also written to the police police asking cops to arrest all the six children.
However, no action was possible as all of them were minors, a police official said and added that however, they were counselled not to come to PTS area as it was interrupting police training.

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