Small-time farmer turned cult figure, Ramvriksha Yadav, mastermind of Jawaharbagh incident

Evading police net until Friday late evening, Mathura’s Jawaharbagh incident master mind is though not a professional criminal but a man, who once was a small-time farmer who later became the disciple of Jai Gurudev. He is the man, who along with his supporters has been responsible for illegally grabbing the Jawaharbagh land since 2014.
Meet Ramvriksha Yadav, a native of Ghazipur district in eastern UP. Yadav doesn’t believe in Indian constitution and Indian law. At least his act of defiance along with his supporters at Jawaharbagh in Mathura on Friday is testimony to the very fact. Yadav believes in the principles of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and has been demanding Azad Hind even today.
Yadav is a resident of Raipur-Baghpur Mathiya village in Ghazipur. He later became the disciple of Baba Jaigurudev. Yadav has a wife, two sons and two daughters. Interestingly, Yadav had even unsuccessully contested election from Jaigurudev’s political party Doordarshi Party. After the demise of Baba Jaigurudev, Yadav has aspired to be in Baba Jaigurudev’s replacement, however, political push has paved way for crowning of Baba’s driver Pankaj.
Irked over the result, Yadav quit Baba’s ashram and floated his own organisation named as Swadheen Bharat.
Yadav had begun a rally of satyagrahis from Meerut in 2014 on way to Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. However, he reached Mathura on March 18, 2014. Interestingly, he sought permission from the administration to stay at Jawaharbagh for two days. Since then he has occupied land at Jawaharbagh and was running a parallel government from there.
He instigated his supporters and even give them a lure that he would ensure they all get land at Jawaharbagh. Probably treading Naxalites path, Yadav neither believes in Indian constitution nor he cares for any government official. He ensured every facility to his supporters in Jawaharbagh. He soon became famous as rebel and even began to confront administrative officials head on. Mathura’s Kisan Sangharsh Samiti even complained to the administrative officials and demanded that the adminstration ensured that Jawaharbagh land was vacated.
However, finding no repreive, the samiti members knocked at the door of the court which ordered land be vacated immediately. Whatever happened in Mathura on Thursday was not happening for the first time. Yadav’s supporters and police have clashed on several occasions in . past also. Several cases had been lodged against Yadav in Mathura in this regard.
Yadav had been even booked in Bareilly for creating trouble.
Yadav’s supporters had been demanding that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose law should be applied in the country. He wanted the Azad Hind government should rule in the country. He and his supporters have also been demanding petrol and diesel prices be brought down to Re 1 per litre.

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