Son confesses on TosNews, father clarifies on facebook

And the father, on reading TosNews Confession write-up of his son clarifies how hard it is to take harsh stands within the family! The ‘father figures’, who in our society have an image of ‘carrying a cane family member’, do have heart and find it difficult imposing compulsions on their wards. Though the son’s confession also forces one to think how it affects an individual’s life not being able to communicate one’s original thoughts and small little dreams with one’s own parents.

It’s better to be friends to each other.

SC (2)A Modern School pass-out, Yathartha had blurted out what he missed and why in Confession segment of TosNews…

“It has been a long time now, for no one else but for my sake I want to blurt it out. My school life is over and I don’t care what people think when I confess I couldn’t enjoy it and I regret not doing it!

I wanted to bunk my classes at times like my other friends, roam around with them (with girls also), do some leg pulling of my teachers but I couldn’t. My friends did all this as they were from liberal families but my family is conservative and my school was in the vicinity of my house. FOR MORE CLICK THE LINK BELOW…

I too wanted to bunk classes, but my parents…!

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