SP city, SO Farah among 24 dead, confirms DGP in Mathura; Cops recover 45 pistols, revolvers & rifles from Jawaharbagh

Death toll including the SP city Mukul Dwivedi and SO Farah Santosh Kumar in Jawaharbagh incident in Mathura has been confirmed to be 24 even as situation remained tense. The police have recovered 45 pistols, several revolvers, rifles, and other weapons.

UP DGP Javeed Ahmed rushed to Mathura and took stock of the situation. Later, he confirmed that 24 persons have died in the clash on Thursday.

On the other hand, family members of SP city Mukul Dwivedi accused the state government officials of showing laxity that resulted in the death of Dwivedi.

At Jawaharbagh, incidentally, the man, accused of instigating the people — Ramvriksha Yadav – has not been arrested as yet. As of now, the police are not sure whether Yadav is still alive or died in the clash on Thursday.

The police recovered heave cache of arms and ammunition from the spot where clashes occurred. The police have recovered 45 pistols, several revolvers, rifles, and other weapons.

Many police men have received injuries, the DGP confirmed and added that all were undergoing treatment. IG L&O confirmed arrest of 368 protesters. Aligarh commissioner has been asked to probe into the incident.

After taking control of the Jawaharbagh area, the police launched a search operation in the whole area.

On the other hand, Dwivedi’s family members said that government did not make any proper strategy to tackle mob fure and sent only SP City Mukul Dwivedi with a few police men.

On Thursday, the police force along with anti-encroachment squad had gone to Jawaharbagh locality to get it vacated from the illegal land grabbers. Interestingly, a cult figure’s followers have also grabbed the government land.
The land in question is a state government owned 280 acre property and has a park Jawaharbagh on it. According to reports, several people have illegally grabbed the park for the past many years. On several occasions in the past, efforts were made to ensure the land gets vacated through various anti-encroachment drive, but in vain.


SP Mathura Rakesh Singh said that a few days back, it was declared that the Jawaharbagh land would get vacated. On Thursday, anti-encroachment squad led by heavy police force reached Jawaharbagh to vacate the land. According to reports, enraged over the police and administrative officials decision, the protesters gathered
in large number became violent. They not only pelted stones on the police party, but also opened fire on the police force. Following the firing incident, station officer Santosh Yadav along with SP city Mukul Dwivedi and four other cops received bullet injuries and were rushed to the hospital, where the SO was declared dead. SP city Mukul Dwivedi, too was dead while being rushed to New Delhi for treatment.

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