The man behind UCLA shooting is a former IIT Kharagpur student

The eccentric gunman involved in the University of California shootout incident that occurred on Wednesday has been identified as 38-year-old engineer Mainak Sarkar who is originally from India. He was graduated from IIT Kharagpur in aerospace engineering in 2000. He was also a former doctoral student of UCLA Professor William Klug, who was shot dead in the incident.

According to Los Angeles police officials, Klug, 39, a father of two, who taught mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), was shot in his office on campus before Sarkar turned the gun and shot himself.

Recently he wrote a blog on social media accusing Klug of stealing his codes and passing it on to other students. Before he shot dead the professor, he killed a woman who was reportedly his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Hasti in Minnesota from two semi-automatic pistols. He also had intended to kill a second professor besides shooting engineering professor Klug.

The shootout that occurred on campus had led to complete shutdown. But campus was reportedly to reopen today with counselling offered to students and teachers.

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