The teacher who learns from 6-7 years old

It has been  both a pleasure and privilege to be a primary teacher for the last twenty years. Each day has been a learning experience for me and still believe I am learning a lot from 6-7 years old. The children of this age group and below are just like soft clay, ready to be moulded in any shape or size. Like Brad Henry has said and I quote, “Good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning”.

Children keep testing your  patience. One should not show any weakness to the children. The primary teachers leave the greatest impact on the children. How you talk to them, deal with them leaves an impression. As most of us will remember we still remember  only those teachers who were strict but behind their strictness also was hidden their love for us.

I still remember my nursery  teacher Mrs Andrews. I still remember her and love her. Now as she is settled in Australia I am not able to meet her.

A few points of advice for young parents. I have learnt from experience that when a teacher gives an advice which can be  a positive or a negative one, accept it with a smile. She only has the benefit of your child in her mind. In the long run you would realize that what the teacher had advice you a few years back was for the good of the child.

Have faith in the teacher and don’t make a decision of liking or disliking the class teacher in a day or week. As a child is adjusting to a new class, the teacher is also in the same shoes. She is also scared and apprehensive about having so many children in her love and care. What John Henrik Clarke said: “A good teacher is like a good entertainer who first must hold his audiences’ attention, then he can teach his lesson.” This holds true for all the teachers. By the year end, the children are able to understand the mood and by her expression can make out, if she is happy or sad/angry.

For the teacher also it is difficult to let go her previous children. She misses them a lot but then again she is entrusted with a new set of children which she takes up as a challenge. Continuing with my advice for parents never fight in front of children (any age group). That sends a wrong message to them, that all is not well between the two most important people in their lives. In the end I would say that if the teacher is strict then she is doing it with a reason…