The weekend panic of Lucknow: what is it?

Saturday night, after robbery at DFO house another robbery took place at a craftsman’s house in Kakori. CO Malihabad Javed Khan told the media persons that craft man Dinesh Singh of Kasimpur Hardoi was living in a bungalow for the last 3 years in Narauna village of Kakori with his wife, 2 grandsons and 2 daughters-in-law while his 2 sons are working in Kuwait. At 12’0 a.m on Saturday when everyone was fast asleep in the house on the first floor and the younger daughter-in-law Sushma was on ground floor, Sushma had a nausea feeling and she puked, then she went to the bathroom and again came to the room to clean the floor. After a while she came back and bolted the door from inside, it was when she lay down she was attacked on her head from behind and she became unconscious. After some time when other family members heard Sushma’s groans they rushed only find her bleeding badly and her room in a mess. The main entrance of the house was also open, jewellery of Rs 40 lacs, a laptop and 1 lac 20 thousand rupees cash were found missing from the house. The injured woman was taken to trauma centre by the family; from where she was relieved in a couple of hours.
Dinesh Singh informed the police control room about the incident but for now the case is under investigation. Sushma was not able to see anyone since she had been attacked from the back, there is a probability that some sedative was used to make the family members unconcsious.

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