Through CCTV footage victim recognises robbers

Two armed bikers snatched away Rs. 25,000/- from a man on gunpoint, in Nagram area on Thursday.
SO Nagram Subhash Yadav informed that Kisan Hazari, a resident of Abbas Nagar had gone to withdraw money from Bank of India, located at Nagram district on Thursday afternoon.
He withdrew Rs. 25,000 and left for his village on foot. As per information, Hazari was robbed by two miscreants on gun point. They tried to snatch away the money from him. When he opposed the robbers,they threatened to shoot him and beat him badly. They left the place after forcibly taking away the cash. On Hazari’s screams the nearby villagers gathered and Nagram Police was informed about the matter. The police registered a case of day robbery and started searching for miscreants.
SO Subhash Yadav informed that the police accompanied Hazari to the bank to recognise the miscreants in the CCTV footage of the bank. Since the victim was able to see them in the footage, the particular footage has been taken in police custody. However, the search for robbers is still on.

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