Tragic stampede in Jai Gurudev Programme

In a tragic stampede incident 19 people lost their lives at Varanasi Rajghat Bridge amidst Jai Gurudev Jayanti programme near Varanasi and Chandauli border Ganga bridge Dumariya area. Dozens of persons were injured and somehow admitted to a nearby hospital. As per the reports thousands of devotees of Baba had gathered at the Rajghat bridge and started towards the event location.

                      File photo of Jai Gurudev       

The increasing crowd on the bridge caused a jam resulting into sudden stampede leading to death and injury of numerous people. Local police and administrative officers reached the spot on information along with the DM. After the information spread, again the bridge became over crowded due to which even the DM was stuck in jam. Most of the deceased are women in the incident while around 3 thousand people were supposed to participate in the programme and the number had gone up to 40-50 thousand. The CM has ordered a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to the family of deceased and Rs 2 lakhs to the injured. The DGP has rushed to Varanasi to take care of the situation.

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