Triple murder in Delhi: Woman with her two daughters found dead at house

In an appalling incident, a 50-year-old woman and her two daughters were found murdered at their residence at Brahmapuri area in Delhi on Sunday evening. There were multiple marks of bruises on their bodies.

The incident came to light around 6.30 PM when neighbours called up police complaining of intolerable stench emanating from their house, which was locked from outside. When it was opened, the highly decomposed bodies of the three were found, a senior official said. The victims were identified as Saira (50) and her daughters Mehrunisha (19) and Shabnam (9).– Zee News reported.

The police sent their bodies for the post-mortem. However, the family of three lived on the first floor of the house, while the ground floor was rented out. The tenant has reportedly been missing for the last four days.

According to neighbours, the house was owned by the woman’s ex-husband who had divorced her five years ago and married another woman with whom he had an affair for long and had two children with. The man died a couple of years ago and the second wife’s family had been harassing his first wife for property.

Police now launched an investigation in this case and checked CCTV footages.

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