Triple murder: Insurance Co. manager, wife and girl’s nude body found in Meerut

In a sensational incident, blood-soaked body of a National Insurance Company branch manager, his wife and a girl in naked condition was found at the manager’s house in Meerut on Saturday evening. The three were brutally killed by sharp-edge weapons. Paic gripped the area after the news spread like wildfire.
Shockingly, the police have failed to gather any clue as to who could be behind the tripple murder.
According to Meerut police, Chandrashekhar (57), along with his wife Poonam (52) lives at Shastrinagar locality of the city. On Saturday evening, when a courier boy came to the house, he failed to get any response. Getting suspicious, he alerted the neighbours who then informed the police which rushe to the spot and entered inside the house.
The police team were shocked to see blood-soaked body of Chandrashekhar, Poonam and a girl in naked condition. All the three bodies bore sharp edge weapon marks. SSP J Ravndra Gaud also rushed to the spot.
In the meantime, the girl was identified as a resident of Shargarhi and was a working at a beauty parlour. The police have come to know about some near and dear ones of the girl and was interrogating them. The police are still trying to ascertain and how and why the girl was at Chandrashekhar’s house.

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