Two kids suffocate to death after getting locked inside car in Moradabad

In a sensational incident, two innocent children suffocated to death after they got locked inside a car while they were playing at Nankar village of Maenthaur in Moradabad district on Sunday evening. Paal of gloom descended in the village after the news of two children’s death spread.

SSP Moradabad Nitin Tiwari said that Imran and Kallu reside at Nankar village. On Sunday evening, Imran’s four-year-old son Kashif and Kallu’s son Shohran (4) were playing. While playing, they both reached near a car and tried to open the gate of the car. Surprisingly, the car gate was open and the two children went inside the car.
However, the moment they entered inside the car, all the doors got locked owing to central locking system. The two thus got trapped inside the car. The family members of the two got worried when the two children didn’t return home late in the evening. In the meantime, a passerby spotted two children trapped inside the car in a semi-conscious state. The news of the children trapped inside the car spread like wildfire in the village. The villagers somehow opened the door lock and brought the two children outside. However, by the time two had died.
As of now, no report has been lodged by any of the family members, the police said.

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