Vice-president of UP Kisaan Manch wounded in Banthra shootout

The vice-president of Uttar Pradesh Kisaan Manch was injured in a shootout in Banthra late Thursday when five unidentified ambushed his vehicle and started firing indiscriminately.

State vice-president of the Kisaan Manch Devendra Tiwari in his complaint to the police said that he received bullet injuries on his head during the shootout and the men, while firing at him, were shouting name of a Samajwadi party leader.

However, a medical report released after Tiwari’s initial examination said that the victim was not wounded by a bullet. After the incident, he was admitted to a nearby private hospital and is undergoing treatment.

A case of attempt to murder has been registered against unidentified men by the Banthra police and investigations have been launched, officials said. According to information provided by SO Banthra Sanjay Kharwar, Vice-President of UP Kisaan Manch Devendra Tiwari aka Rinku, who lives with his family in Nawazikheda, was injured during a shootout which happened late Thursday in Kakoha village.

The victim, along with two other men named Anuram and Amar Yadav, was returning back home from Janmashtami celebrations in his car driven by his driver Sunil Rawat. Tiwari’s car was stopped by five unknown men in Kakoha village and they started firing indiscriminately at the vehicle, the SO said.

Hearing the gunshots being fired, the Kisaan Manch vice-president jumped out of his car and tried to escape. Tiwari that he was carrying his licensed revolver at the time when the incident happened and also fired a shot at the shooters. He received a bullet injury on his head and got drenched in own blood and fell unconscious at the spot, he further told the police.

The shooters fled away when the men, accompanying Tiwari, started shouting for help. While fleeing away, the unidentified men kept yelling that ‘Sharda Bhaiyya chahenge tow zinda rahoge’ (If Sharda Bhaiyya wants then only you would live). Banthra police reached the spot after getting information about the shootout. A wounded Tiwari was rushed to a private hospital for first aid and later was admitted to a hospital in Bazarkahala.

A case of attempt to murder was registered at the Banthra police station against five unidentified men on Tiwari’s complaint, SO Kharwar said. While falsifying most of the Kisaan Manch vice-president’s claims, the police official added that during the investigations done so far only one empty shell of Tiwari’s rifle was found at the spot. None of the men accompanying the victim had received any bullet injuries nor did any of the allegedly fired bullets had hit his car, he said.

Kharwar further said that the doctor’s who had examined Tiwari in a report have said that the injury on his head was not caused by a bullet and is minor in nature. Banthra police has launched a comprehensive investigation in the shootout case, he added.

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