When my night companions were Ghosts!

As I stepped into the 3 bedroom flat of my son’s apartment, I had a queer feeling. My son Ankur alongwith my daughter-in-law Rachna & my 6-year-old granddaughter Vrinda was living in this building of Gurgaon for the last 8-years now. I came from Lucknow every now and then to stay here as my 2nd home. But in this flat this was my 1st visit as only last week Ankur had changed his house from Block H to Block G of the same building. I overcame the strange feeling within a moment when Vrinda came and hugged me. After evening refreshment and light chit-chat, Rachna showed me my bedroom which was at a little higher level than the rest portion of the house, just 8-10 steps from the main hall.

Again that queer feeling revived but I could gather no explanation for it nor could I relate it with the geography; may be travel fatigue, I thought!

My children had arranged the room according to my convenience- bookshelf, water, bed-lamp just beside my cosy bed. I was literally invited by the sight and started flipping my favourite author.

Just after few pages I was drowsing, when I could feel myself sleeping and the only audible sound was of the window AC. Suddenly the sound of my snores shook me and I got up with a jerk, felt as if I was sleeping for many hours. As I sat up on the bed in the lamplight, I saw 5 figures clad in white near my bed. They were all sitting in a circle and talking to one another, I was so near to them actually a part of the whole scene but couldn’t hear a single word. They started moving around inside the room, it was like a live play going on in front of my eyes and I was completely numb. I wanted to move and switch on the main light but I was motionless. Were they spirits, er…GHOSTS in my room with me, I shuddered! Suddenly Ankur lit the tubelight and asked me, “What happened mummy, why are you sitting like this?” I came back to the real world. I picked up the glass and engulfed whole water and uttered nothing about what I had witnessed that evening in my bedroom. At that moment I was only goose bumps. Gradually calm settled down within me when I closed my eyes for meditation. My Guru had explained it so clearly, “There are no 2 or 3 worlds, everything happens here- death, after death and rebirth; everything exists simultaneously. But to witness all that you need to have that vision and that power!”


Kiss of a smile

It was a chilly January morning and I was breathing. It was
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