Where ‘khats’ not Rahul Gandhi stole the show

The first ‘Kisan Yatra’ of Rahul Gandhi which started on Tuesday from Rudrapur in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh ended with a weird scenario. For Rudrapur alone 2000 khats (cots) were brought from Delhi. As soon as Rahul’s speech ended and he left from the place, the crowd rushed and ran away with the khats. The whole place seemed chaotic with someone running away with khat on head, many of the persons with even 2-3 khats on their heads. Others who were unable to carry the khats in the mob, broke the legs and carried the legs and strings separately, even women didn’t spare the opportunity. Youngsters snatched khats from elderly people and many of them were running with khats close to their chests. Even the laddoos and water bottles, which were meant for the party workers were forcibly taken away by the crowd gathered. Rahul is supposed to cover the distance of 2500 kms from Deoria to Delhi in 3 days, stopping at places and holding discussions with farmers on khats.

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