Why I missed the chance of saving an innocent soul!

Hi friends,
The incident happened in July, when I was travelling in Metro which goes from Samaypur Badli to Gurgaon. At Kashmiri Gate Station an old lady boarded train along with an infant ; who I guess would be of probably 10 days with gold nazariye in his hands and other ornaments. The lady was so careless towards the baby she was carrying and she did not have anyone with her. Moreover such a small baby with no bag, bottle or any belongings and in such a crowded metro, all this raised doubt in my mind. When I started talking about her with other metro passengers she immediately ran and de-boarded the train at Rajiv Chowk Station. I remained indecisive as people around didn’t take any initiative and even said that the child might be hers. I was in dismay, all I could then do was click her in haywire. Even though I intimated the entire incidence to the police but there is a big sense of guilt with me. I learnt my lesson to take action without waiting for others to join in. I only hope the baby gets to the right hands; I can’t express how I am feeling ever since I missed the chance of saving an innocent soul!
Vasudha Srivastava


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