Woman shocked to find a 5-metre python in her bedroom in Australia

Australian women wake up to found a 5-metre (17 feet) long python in her bedroom on Monday. The python was slithering its way through her hallway and into her guest room. She believes the serpent had been hiding in her home for a decade.

Julie Birrell who was staying at friend Trina Hibberd’s house in North Queensland, Australia was shocked to see such a huge python in the room. According to Hibberd it wasn’t the first time the gigantic snake, named Monty, had slithered his way into her home. The reptile has been living in the roof of her house for years.

Hibberd shoot its video, clicked snaps and posted it on her Facebook account. Then she called snake catchers who came to her house at 4 a.m. Monday to remove the reptile. After nabbing Monty, snake catchers released it into a local water treatment plant, which backs onto native bushland.


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