Women Powerline to establish special police outpost for registering of 1090 complaints

A new police outpost is likely to be established to register the complaints reported on the Women Power Line (WPL) – 1090. Officials say that a draft of the proposal will soon be sent to the Director General of Police (DGP) and to the state government for consideration and approval.
Additional SP WPL Ajay Kumar Mishra on being asked about the above development, said that the Jiamau outpost under Gautampalli police station will soon be turned into the reporting station for complaints received on women helpline 1090.
The police official confirmed that the proposal has already been discussed with higher authorities and a draft of it will soon be sent to the DGP and the UP Government. Talking about the reason behind such an initiative, ASP Mishra said that earlier, the victims used to face difficulty in registering their complaints reported on the 1090 Women Power Line because of the dilly-dallying by officials at the local police station.
In order to simplify the process, a dedicated police outpost will be established so that the complainants could register the issue directly, he added. The report will be recorded on ‘Nil’ (Zero Crime Number). After the registering of the complaint at the outpost, the information will be passed on to a local police station.
The WPL will then regularly keep checking the developments made in the investigations of the reported issue by the officials at the local police station. The official also said that his department has also readied a proposal which if approved would empower officials of the 1090 Women Power Line to directly launch investigations after receiving and registering the complaint.

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