Young Islamic State bomber targets wedding party in Turkey, kills 51

A child bomber from the Islamic State (IS) group blew himself up at an outdoor marriage party of a Kurdish couple in Turkey’s Gaziantep city and killed at least 51 people and wounded dozen others, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday.
In a live broadcast on Turkey’s state TV, Erdogan said that the boy who carried out the suicide bomb attack late Saturday during an ongoing marriage party, was aged between 12 to 14 years.
The Turkish president further confirmed that the death toll of the IS attack in Gaziantep, a city which is close to his country’s border with Syria, has reached 51. “More than 69 others were injured, among which 17 are in a critical condition and are battling for their life,” he added.
The suicide bombing was deplored in strongest terms by people from all across the globe, including Pope Francis and the White House in the US, and is said to be the deadliest attack in Turkey this year.
In his speech on Sunday, Erdogan used an acronym for the IS group and said: “It was clear that Daesh had such an organization in Gaziantep or was attempting to make room for itself in recent times.”
While vowing that his country’s security forces will intensify their efforts to eliminate the perpetrators of any such terrorist attack, the Turkish head of state added: “Many intensive operations were conducted, are being conducted. Of course our security forces will be conducting these operations with even greater intensity.”
The bride and groom, whose marriage was targeted by the young suicide bomber from the IS group, are out of danger and are undergoing treatment, while the groom’s sister and uncle are among the people who had lost their lives in the attack, media reports said.

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