Your favorite dark chocolate combats study pressure on brain

Students of class 1 or 11 all have to face lots of pressure in today’s world. Revising for exams puts tremendous pressure on pupils and studying for excessive amounts of time can significantly affect brain activity. To combat this, here is a list of super foods to boost and support the restoration of energy that you need in preparation for your exams.


The brain receives its energy from the glucose found in the bloodstream. A deficiency of this can therefore cause a decline in your ability to concentrate and focus. Foods such as daliya, brown rice and home cooked dal chawal, roti sabzi, khichdi and poha or tehri provide more protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals than other grains for they contain the essential nutrients of the entire seed. They also release glucose at a slower rate than other foods, enabling you to stay mentally alert for steady periods of time. dalchawal


Whilst their size can be deceiving, pumpkin seeds are powerful generators of nutritional goodness. Packed into a small oval-shaped seed, one handful a day provides you with your recommended daily allowance of zinc, a vital necessity for improving memory and thinking skills. They can be added to sweet and savoury dishes alike, perhaps sprinkled over a fruit salad with yoghurt or to garnish a main meal of seared salmon.


Also known as essential fatty acids (EFAs), omega-3 cannot be made by the human body and must therefore be consumed in specific dietary foods. These fats are most commonly found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines, which all contain EPA and DHA – the most effective forms of omega-3. The combination of these two acids form the most beneficial group of nutrients for the brain and overall health, helping to improve your memory and general wellbeing.


To ensure you maintain a well-balanced diet, visualising the 5-a-day scheme as a rainbow will help you to consume a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables. The deep colour of blackcurrants give this berry its place within the rainbow, along with its health boosting supplements of vitamin C, which has been said to increase mental agility. Using this ingredient blended into a fruit smoothie offers a fresh and stimulating aid to revision!


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